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Brahmasutra-Catuhsutri (Shankarabhashyam)
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Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word for Word Meaning, English Translation and Annotation      Dr. S. Sankaranarayanan
Redacted     Dr. Kanshi Ram and Swami Advayananda
About The Product

The Brahma-sutra, authored by shri Veda Vyasa, forms one of the principal texts of Advaita-vedanta. It strings together the major thoughts presented in the Upanishads and the detailed commentary by shri shankaracarya is invaluable for our understanding of it.

Written for the modern student of Advaita-vedanta, this text is structured like a scaffold to help both – those with a little understanding of philosophy as well as advanced readers – to reach the conceptual heights of Advaita-vedanta. The text carries a detailed, analytical and lucid commentary in English.

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