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Ishavasya-upanishad – with Shankara Bhashya
Price $ 43
Speaker      Br.Ved Chaitanya
About The Product

The Upanishads are the sacred scriptures of which the Ishavasya-upanishad is a brief treatise of eighteen mantras, which expounds the Self-knowledge (Brahma-vidya). The great rishis of the Upanishads declare that life is for self-unfoldment so as to reach the state of pure Consciousness.

According to the Indian tradition, Ishavasya-upanishad is the first upanishad that a seeker studies. The Sanskrit term ‘ishavasayam’ literally translates to ‘enveloped by the Lord’ and the Upanishad guides us to experience the whole world as the all-pervasive Brahman. 

The study of this text with the Shankara-bhashya makes the learning complete and holistic.

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