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Chinmaya International Foundation, with its noble mission to propagate Indian Knowledge Traditions, employs different means to make the knowledge treasures available for the public. Home Study Courses is one such venture that offers a platform for curious students and dedicated learners to take up courses on Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Mathematics and Life Management. CIF has around 15,000 students at any point of time from all over the world pursuing these courses.

A wide variety of courses are made available through this initiative including Foundation Vedanta Course, Advanced Vedanta Course, Easy Sanskrit Course (Level 1 & 2), Advanced Sanskrit Course, Bhagavad Gita Course, Master Gita Master Life Course, Upanishad Course and so on. These Home Study Courses, which are available in online and postal mode, are a perfect opportunity to acquire knowledge in depth from authentic sources in a well-organised and systematic manner. There are also a slew of text-based courses under the Svadhyaya Series.

Vidyarthi Sahaya fund is solely meant for financially supporting deserving students who want to pursue the CIF Home Study Courses. Vidya or knowledge is regarded as the most important wealth that a human being can possess. Therefore, assisting another to gain knowledge is a very virtuous and noble deed. By contributing to this venture, one becomes part of a noble mission: Vidya danam mahattaraha!

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