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Chinmaya International Foundation, being the academic wing of Chinmaya Mission, acts as a cross-cultural forum for the exchange of knowledge. Known for its rich resources, CIF attracts scholars of Sanskrit, various facets of Indic Studies and ancient Sciences.

The library at CIF is a treasure house of a variety of resources. It houses approximately 25,000 books of literature in Sanskrit and palm-leaf manuscripts. CIF has also initiated a project to digitise the manuscripts for future generations and also to make them more accessible in the present digital era. The library also has over thirty journal subscriptions.

Shastra Raksha is a project that is devoted to aiding the collection of rare books, manuscripts, audios, videos and so on for preserving them in the Library and Information Centre to make them available for scholars and knowledge lovers and to preserve them for posterity. In this way, CIF endeavours to create a perfect atmosphere for the advancement of studies and research.

CIF provides a congenial atmosphere that is encouraging, comfortable and conducive to research. Towards this end, we seek to create and maintain libraries, study centres, research labs and cubicles where visiting and resident scholars can research in quietude and reasonable comfort, both physical and infrastructural.

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